Our team

We are an IT company based in New York, USA. We have 4 people working on GazerG project in U.S. and our partners that are based in Russia. We are open-minded professionals, each one is a genius in his/her own field. You are welcome to meet our team here!

Here we are:

Andrey is a GazerG idea creator. While we were working on a Google Glass software he noticed that Glass’ battery life is too short to handle many activities that are offered to users. So Andrey had an idea to extend battery life, creating GazerG in his mind as a potentially great project. Together with his partner Anton decision was made to go ahead and start acting immediately.


Anton is Andrey’s friend, partner and co-founder of Gazer, LLC. He is working on GazerG project to make it attractive to the end user. Convenient, affordable perfect product is the main goal that Anton set for our team. His idea is to make GazerG a unique piece of art, that is harmoniously combined with Google Glass.


Timur has genius skills in Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Social Media Advertisement, everything to organize successful promotion of our services and products to the IT market. He is the guy who will be posting news and updates about GazerG project on our website.


Sergey is president and founder of “Smirnov Design”, a company based in Moscow, which works on GazerG project design and architecture. Sergey successfully finished Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry where he is constantly searching for new associates. His company is one of the leaders in an industrial design, cooperating together with Skolkovo Innovation Center. Personally Sergey is a very hardworking man who is open to new ideas and challenges.


Kirill is very smart professional who accomplished many projects during his career at “Smirnov Design” where he works for many years. Kirill is responsible for styling, modeling and end product visualization; his ability to concentrate on task and get the job done leaves no doubts about success of any complicated idea that a customer might have.


Ivan is a young talented designer who graduated Ural Polytechnic University. Now he is working at “Smirnov Design” company and his responsibilities include general product concept, ergonomics, and composition. Ivan is very passionate about his projects and does the best for every project he works on.