History of GazerG – battery for Google Glass

The idea

Our idea was to enhance Google Glass battery life with a single push of a button. GazerG was planned as a battery pack which doubles Google Glass battery life.

GazerG – Google Glass extended battery


In Moscow we worked together with the team of professional designers SMIRNOVDESIGN. Their view of a future product combined with a subject expertise produced beautiful GazerG battery concept.

We started with plasticine model and drew a few sketches,

Drawing GazerG – Google Glass battery pack

then we worked on 3D model of a final object,

Styling GazerG – Google Glass battery pack

and finally 3D printed our first working prototype.

Prototype GazerG – Google Glass battery pack


We planned to attach Lithium-Polymer battery with the capacity of approximately 650-750mAh to the left side of the Glass. It is inserted into a plastic case with micro-USB output which will be used for re-charging; there is a LED light indicating state of the battery charge and a button to start/stop charging.

Google Glass battery

Nicely braided cord is coming out of the battery along with thin plastic holders preventing breakage of the cord. On the other side of the Glass you connect to micro-USB input and leave it like that forever, because you are able to transfer data through the GazerG battery as well as to charge your device. Thanks to the neat cord behind your neck – you are able to take your glass off and keep them hanging on you when you don’t use them.

Google Glass cord holder

We tested few batteries from different manufacturers and chose one we liked the most. Circuit board protection for the battery was customized for our needs and we had schematic design and sample ready as well. Plastic case was printed on 3D printer, and we also had internal and external model structure with sizes ready for production. The most expensive part of production was making a mold for our plastic case. The second part was to make a mold for Li-Po battery. Third – production and packaging.

Google Glass power bank

You can also use it to charge any mobile device that consumes about 5V & 0.5A (iPhone and Android).