GAZERglass timeline project plan

Our idea is to enhance Google Glass battery life with a single push of a button. GAZERglass is a battery pack that extends your Google Glass power almost three times more than its original capacity.

Here is some more information:

GAZERglass battery for Google Glass project timeline plan

1. Our first step was to make 3D prototype of our design model.
That was accomplished back in September. We printed plastic case using 3D printer
in Moscow; then we bought a USB cable and attached it to our prototype. At the same time, Andrey was searching for a Li-Po battery manufacturers in China, and ordered samples from 3 companies.

2. We received samples when we came back to New York in October and this is when our next challenge begun.
We had to test those sample batteries in order to find out which one works better, holds more power, and doesn’t get too hot during work process. After we were done with tests, we inserted battery inside the plastic case, soldered all wires, and finally got  everything that we need to charge Google Glass. This is when our functional prototype was born.

3. Currently we are looking for ways to fund our project.
We thought it might be a great experience to try Indiegogo as a way to raise funds. But we have also applied for a business loan and were approved.

4. Our next step will start when we go to China in 2014 (around 18-19th of January) to start manufacturing process.
We want to be on top of this process and stay in China (Shenzhen) for about 6 weeks in order to control quality of production. This is what is going to happen there:

a) creation of molds for battery itself and it’s plastic case. This is done with the same manufacturer.
It will take 1 week. Approximate dates: January 20th-26th

b) production of battery and plastic case. Assembling all of them together with USB cable and other plastic parts. Testing process.
It will take 4 weeks. Approximate dates: January 27th – February 24th

c) production of battery package. This is done with another manufacturer in China.
It will take 2 weeks. Approximate dates: February 10th – February 24th

d) we will pack everything together. Ready to ship!
It will take 1 week. Approximate dates: February 24th – March 2nd

5. Final step is to deliver GAZERglass to the United States.
Shipping by air and going through the customs won’t take longer than a week, so we expect to have everything in our warehouse by March 9th. As soon as we get it, we will start sending battery packs to our early birds. After GAZERglass opening ceremony (around 20th of March) we will continue to ship batteries and will start regular sales in April.

4 Responses to GAZERglass timeline project plan
  1. Ian says:

    Love the prototype and I think you have a great idea.

    I see the Indigogo campaign wasn’t very successful, but I think it could be for sure.

    There aren’t that many Glass users out there so you’re going to have to be careful with pricing. You don’t want to be too low because economy of scale right now isn’t going to be very good. If you go too high, there are fewer people that are ready to drop a bunch of money on perks for something that’s fairly simple.

    Doing a $50 model and a few other minor tweaks (color or other kinds simple design changes) at +$10, +$20. Then it’s more likely that some people might ship in the extra amount to support the project.

    I also noticed that Reddit’s r/googleglass showed a good interest in your product. So before it goes live make sure you post there or do some kind of AMA interview to generate hype with the Glass community before the Kickstarter goes live. That way there’s traction so it’ll grow fast and get more press.

  2. anton says:

    Hi Ian,

    Thank you for your cordial reply. We truly appreciate your suggestions and keep in mind for our project updates.

  3. Raj Bhatt says:

    Is your team in China right now? Are things going according to the schedule outlined above?

    I have pre-ordered and I am excited about your product!

    • Timur says:

      Thank you for your pre-order Raj.

      Yes, one of our engineer is there. The rest of the production team will join him after Chinese New Year holidays. So far, everything is going according to the schedule.

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