GAZERglass re-branding. Now GazerG!

Dear Glass Explorers,

We have a great news for you! We finally came to an agreement with Google regarding the legal issues (mentioned in the previous update). And from the next week we will continue the production process. Long story short, we decided not to confront Google and agreed to make the required changes. We changed GAZERglass battery product name (now it’s called GazerG), its trademark (new application is pending), packaging design and changed our website name from to (the old domain will redirect you to the new one).

Here is a first real sample of our GazerG battery and its packaging from the manufacturer. That is very close to the final product, which will be delivered to our early birds!


All legal issues with Google cost us not only money but time too. We spent almost 4 weeks to work out an agreement with Google legal team and complete the re-branding process. Unfortunately we have to postpone the delivery date… again. Yes. We feel extremely sorry for several delays, but please be patient, we really work hard to make the best accessory battery for Google Glass. Our production team is back to China and they expect to deliver pre-ordered batteries in June 2014.

To add some juice to the update, here you can see all prototypes of GazerG (former GAZERglass) battery. You might notice that the final release not only slimmer and lighter but smaller too.

google glass battery prototypes
Best regards,
GazerG team.