Progress status update

Dear Glass Explorers,

We are working hard to turn GAZERglass idea into reality. We spent a lot of time, trying to find the golden mean between comfort and efficiency of GAZERglass battery. Our production team is currently in China, closely monitor the manufacturing process and control the quality of final product.

GAZERglass factory

In order to make our battery slim and less in its weight we had to reduce the capacity from its original forecasted 1500mAh as we announced on our website to 750mAh. That made GAZERglass to fit more comfortable and reduced its weight in 4 times – less than 1 once (roughly 25 grams). And it still gives a lot of extra power to original Google Glass battery life as we promised!

GAZERglass with Google Glass

Many of you were asking if you can still use headphones with our GAZERglass battery connected to the only one micro-USB port available on Google Glass. Just to make it absolutely clear – the answer is YES. You can use your headphones, because our battery has its own micro-USB output for your convenience, which you can use for charging your Google Glass and listening to music without disconnecting GAZERglass from the port.

The only problem that came up here which we couldn’t overcome is that you won’t be able to use your headphones while you charging your Glass using our battery. Unfortunately it’s not something we could work out, because it is the way Google made it. When you charge Google Glass the standard way, using your USB cable/wall jack, it reverses its data channel, so you can’t use headphones at the same time. The same thing happens when you charge your Glass using our GAZERglass battery. So, we made On\Off button on the battery for your convenience (On – for charging, Off – for listening music).

GAZERglass and iPhone

Since we had to make these corrections and add new features to our product we expect a slight delay in manufacturing process for about 3-4 weeks. Current estimated shipping time is by the end of April 2014. Please be patient, we do our best to ship it ASAP.

Despite that, our GAZERglass battery is almost ready to hit the market.

Google Glass battery box

If you already pre-ordered GAZERglass, you will get a notification email when we start to ship it in the US and around the Globe. Otherwise, hurry up to order it! Current price is only $75 and it will last until March 21st. After that date we will start selling GAZERglass at a full retail price which is $125.

Thank you dear Glass Explorers! With all your trust and support we really made it!

Best regards,
GAZERglass team.

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