GAZERglass for “Titanium collection”

As you know Google yesterday released four different frames which accommodate corrective lenses and GAZERglass team got one of those for testing today. Titanium Collection is light titanium frames that fit with prescription lenses. You can also use it with “fake lenses” to get a new generation of hipster view.

google glass titanium collection

Here are the good news for all Glass Explorers who like GAZERglass project. As you know, GAZERglass is a battery for Google Glass that dramatically extends Glass battery lifetime, and now you can use new Google “Titanium collection” frames with GAZERglass battery! We just tested it and everything works great. Here are some photos that we took while testing.

GAZERglass Titanium collection

And these are the first actual photos of GAZERglass. We work hard to start manufacturing process as soon as possible and this is probably one of the last tests before we begin production.

GAZERglass with frames

So enjoy new photos and good news. Just to remind you, pre-order discount will be available only for the next 15 days. Don’t waste your time and save some money!

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